"The beauty of memory rests in its talents for rendering detail, for paying homage to the senses, its capacity to love the particles of life, the richness and idiosyncrasy of our existence."
Patricia Hampl

2019 Creative Writing Workshops
In Fiction And Memoir

The Workshop

Designed for both new and more experienced writers, each 9-week session offers professional instruction in the craft of writing and the camaraderie of a workshop setting. Class meetings consist of group discussion of student manuscripts as well as analyses of short stories and essays by writers as varied as Jamele Brinkley, Lauren Groff, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. We will discuss the elements at the heart of all good storytelling: character, scene, style, and dramatic tension.

In addition, part of each workshop session will be devoted to in-class writing exercises in which key memories, vintage photographs and tabloid titles are the starting points for intruiging characters and plots. Come away from this workshop freshly inspired, with new stories in hand. Toward the end of the course the topic of how to submit short stories and memoirs for publication will be discussed.

Students from previous creative writing workshops have published in Gulf Coast, Granta, Harper's, The Mississippi Review, and The North American Review.

See Schedules for dates and times.