"A story is like a flare sent into the sky. Suddenly and startlingly, it illuminates one portion of the world and the lives of a few people who are caught in its glare." 

Robie Macauley

Private Consulting

As a consultant, Julia edits and critiques short stories, personal essays, novels and memoirs. She reads the work closely, then offers a detailed written commentary with concrete editorial suggestions. At that point she has an in-depth conversation with the writer about the manuscript, discussing what works and pointing out what might be polished. This meeting can take place in person, on the telephone or via e-mail.

Julia is available as a manuscript consultant, for tutorials, or as an editor/coach on long-term projects. She can assist clients with the design and completion of book-length manuscripts, or advise them on submitting short fiction and personal essays for publication in magazines, literary journals and newspapers. She can help to identify the appropriate markets for your work and in preparing a professional submission.

She is also available to help prepare a portfolio for submission to an MFA program.


Short story and memoir consultations: $95 per hour for reading and critiquing short stories and memoirs and one-on-one meeting. (15-20 pages in one hour)

Novel or book-length memoir: Rates upon request. This includes a close reading, a detailed written response and a two hour Zoom or telephone meeting.